Maori Affairs Restructuring Act 1989

Reprint as at 7 August 2020

Coat of Arms of New Zealand

Maori Affairs Restructuring Act 1989

Public Act
1989 No 68
Date of assent
25 September 1989
see section 1(2)

Changes authorised by subpart 2 of Part 2 of the Legislation Act 2012 have been made in this official reprint.

Note 4 at the end of this reprint provides a list of the amendments incorporated.

This Act is administered by Te Puni Kōkiri.


1Short Title and commencement
3Act to bind the Crown
4Department of Maori Affairs restructured [Repealed]
5Title of chief executive [Repealed]
6Primary objective of Iwi Transition Agency [Repealed]
7Functions of Iwi Transition Agency [Repealed]
8Iwi Transition Agency to take over from Department [Repealed]
9Administration of court transferred to Department of Justice [Repealed]
10Enactments amended consequential upon restructuring of Department [Repealed]
11Board of Maori Affairs abolished [Repealed]
12General manager to take over from Board [Repealed]
13Enactments amended and repealed consequential upon abolition of Board of Maori Affairs
13ARegistration of documents following change of owner
14Main purpose of this Part
15Chief executive to implement policy of Government
16Contracts by chief executive deemed to be made on behalf of Crown
17Rights of owners while land remains subject to this Part
18Rights and obligations of chief executive under Fencing Act 1978
19Chief executive may declare land to be subject to this Part
20Crown land may be made subject to this Part
21Land subject to this Part may be excluded from Part
22Notices may be registered against title
23Record of valuations to be kept
23ASpecial valuations made for the purposes of this Part on or after 1 July 1998
24General provisions as to utilisation of land
25Chief executive may undertake works for improvement and development of land
26Chief executive may maintain land as base farm
27Chief executive may purchase and sell equipment, livestock, etc
28Chief executive may acquire shares in companies
29Nominated occupiers
30Occupier may be required to execute instruments for registration under Chattels Transfer Act 1924
31Chief executive may grant leases
32Preference to be given to Maori
33Leases may be registered against land without production of title
34Term of leases in respect of Maori land or land owned by Maori
35Term of leases of Crown land
36Provisions as to review of rent during currency of lease and on renewal
37Special valuation for purposes of fixing new rent
38Notice of valuations and right of objection
39Chief executive may reduce or remit rent
40Compensation for improvements
41Compensation to be ascertained by valuation
42Rent to be paid to Māori Trustee
43Sinking fund to provide compensation for lessees of Maori land
44Compensation for improvements to lessees of Crown land
45Payment of value of improvements to lessee with perpetual right of renewal
46Record of improvements
47Surrender of leases
49Restriction on lessee’s powers of disposition
50Application of rents received
51Apportionment of rent where land under separate titles
52Application of rents received in respect of Crown land
53Money expended by chief executive to be charged on land
54Court may impose charges for betterment
55Variation and registration of charges
56Enforcement of charges
57Advances to lessees
58Security to be given by lessee in respect of expenditure of chief executive or of advances
59Advances to owners of freehold land
60Advances to purchasers of freehold interests
61Advances to purchasers of leasehold interests
62Chief executive may acquire land or rights over land
63Acquisition of land by chief executive for owners of scheme
64Land may be vested in owners
65Chief executive may grant or acquire easements
66Water supplies
67Chief executive may engage advisers for Maori farmers
68Right to cut timber, etc
69Power to pay rates, taxes, and other money
70Sharemilking contracts, etc
71Use of land for industries other than farming
72Use of land for afforestation purposes
74Power to pay revenue from land to owners
75Payment in respect of benefit to Crown land that is not subject to this Part
76Development of land under Land Act 1948
77Validity of contracts made by chief executive
78Accounting provisions
79Accounts to be kept by chief executive
80Interest payments in respect of Maori land development
81Relief from interest payment
82Special provisions as to Crown lands and to lands purchased by chief executive
83Chief executive may accept money for incentive shares, etc
84Interference and obstruction prohibited
85Advances to Maori occupiers of land that is not subject to Part 2
86Advances and other assistance to Maori [Repealed]
86AProvisional registration of mortgages to Crown or State Loan Department
87Authorising establishment and maintenance of Kokiri Centres [Repealed]
88Chief executive may establish and maintain hostels
90Transitional provision
91Expiry [Repealed]
Reprint notes

An Act to provide for the restructuring of the Department of Maori Affairs to form the Iwi Transition Agency, to abolish the Board of Maori Affairs and transfer its programmes to the General Manager of the Iwi Transition Agency, and to transfer the administration of the Maori Land Courts to the Department of Justice