Government Roading Powers Act 1989

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Version as at 30 November 2022

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Government Roading Powers Act 1989

Public Act
1989 No 75
Date of assent
28 September 1989
see section 1(2)

Act name: replaced, on 1 August 2008, by section 50(1) of the Land Transport Management Amendment Act 2008 (2008 No 47).


The Parliamentary Counsel Office has made editorial and format changes to this version using the powers under subpart 2 of Part 3 of the Legislation Act 2019.

Note 4 at the end of this version provides a list of the amendments included in it.

This Act is administered by the Ministry of Transport.


Title [Repealed]
1Short Title and commencement
3Act to bind the Crown
3AAct is land transport Act
3AConstitution of Transfund New Zealand [Repealed]
3BPrincipal objective of Board [Repealed]
3CFunctions and powers of Board [Repealed]
3DFunctions and powers of Board in relation to alternative forms of transport [Repealed]
3EBoard to have powers of natural person [Repealed]
3FBoard to comply with policy directions [Repealed]
3GUse of words Transfund New Zealand [Repealed]
3HBoard to consider delegating or contracting out functions and powers [Repealed]
3IDelegation of Board’s functions or powers to employees of Board [Repealed]
3JDelegation of Board’s functions or powers to persons outside Board [Repealed]
4Overview [Repealed]
5Transfund [Repealed]
6Transit [Repealed]
7Functions, duties, and powers [Repealed]
7AAuthority to have powers of natural person [Repealed]
7BCompletion of performance agreements by Board and Authority [Repealed]
7CAuthority to consider delegating or contracting out functions and powers [Repealed]
7DDelegation of Authority’s functions or powers to employees of Authority [Repealed]
7EDelegation of Authority’s functions or powers to persons outside Authority [Repealed]
8Funding system [Repealed]
9Payment of roading revenue to Crown Bank Account [Repealed]
10Crown’s authority to incur certain land transport expenditure [Repealed]
11Payment of roading revenue into Crown Bank Account [Repealed]
12Payment of roading revenue from Crown Bank Account [Repealed]
13Board to operate National Roads Account [Repealed]
14Management and investment of National Roads Account [Repealed]
15Payments from National Roads Account [Repealed]
16Payments by Board [Repealed]
17Board may approve outputs and capital projects [Repealed]
18Approved projects to form part of national roading programme [Repealed]
19Payments to Authority [Repealed]
20Authority to operate State Highways Account [Repealed]
20ASpecial provisions relating to minor and ancillary road works, and in-house professional services [Repealed]
21Management and investment of State Highways Account [Repealed]
21ARecovery of incorrect payments [Repealed]
22Payments from State Highways Account [Repealed]
23Payments to local authorities [Repealed]
24Local authorities to operate Land Transport Disbursement Accounts [Repealed]
25Interpretation [Repealed]
26Competitive pricing procedure [Repealed]
27Expenditure subject to competitive pricing procedure [Repealed]
27ARegional land transport committees [Repealed]
28Special provisions relating to in-house professional services [Repealed]
29Special provisions relating to minor and ancillary works during 1997 and 1998 [Repealed]
30Certain payments for minor and ancillary works deemed to comply with section 27 [Repealed]
31Information to be provided by local authority in respect of certain payments [Repealed]
32Determinations by Minister [Repealed]
33Board may reduce payments in certain cases [Repealed]
34Board may require certain information from Authority and local authorities [Repealed]
35Payments may be conditional on projects being carried out to satisfactory standard [Repealed]
36Certain payments prohibited [Repealed]
37Safety (administration) programme [Repealed]
38Approval of safety (administration) programme [Repealed]
39Agencies to adhere to safety (administration) programme [Repealed]
40Secretary to make safety (administration) programme available to public [Repealed]
41Secretary may submit supplementary safety (administration) programme [Repealed]
42Minister may approve supplementary safety (administration) programme [Repealed]
42ANational roading programme [Repealed]
42BAgencies to adhere to national roading programme [Repealed]
42CBoard to make national roading programme available to public [Repealed]
42DState highways programme [Repealed]
42EConsultation concerning State highways programme [Repealed]
42FRegional programmes [Repealed]
42GConsultation concerning regional programmes [Repealed]
42HDistrict roading programmes [Repealed]
42IConsultation concerning district roading programmes [Repealed]
42JProvision of information [Repealed]
42KNeeds of transport disadvantaged to be considered [Repealed]
42LMaori interests to be considered [Repealed]
42MAgreements regarding passenger transport operations [Repealed]
42NReports on projects and programmes [Repealed]
44Certain roads vested in Crown
45Provisions relating to construction of motorways to apply to roads constructed pursuant to middle line [Repealed]
46Minister may make roads and declare Government or district roads
47Roads in areas where no territorial authority exists, etc
48Powers of Minister over roads under Minister’s control
49Powers of Minister in regard to swing gates and cattle stops on roads
50Owner or occupier of land not to cause damage to bridge by removal of stone, etc
51Penalties for damage to roads, bridges, etc
52Notice to be given of local authority works
53Poles, etc, on roads to be adjacent to boundaries
54Removal of roadside structures
55Removal of trees, hedges, etc, that obscure visibility or interfere with public work
56Service of notice
57Emergency work on trees, etc
58Minister may construct access ways and service lanes
59Control and management may be vested in territorial authority
60Authority may declare State highways [Repealed]
61Powers and duties of Agency in relation to State highways
61AControlling authority may grant lease, etc, of certain land
62Delegation of powers and duties to territorial authorities
64Territorial authority may surrender delegated powers and duties
65Agency may require territorial authority to relinquish property in State highway
66State highway policy to remain with Agency
67Whole cost of construction and maintenance of State highways to be paid out of State Highways Account [Repealed]
68Provision of other facilities
69Classification of State highways and roads
71Governor-General may authorise and declare motorways
72Middle line procedures [Repealed]
73Power to construct motorways
74Land may be temporarily occupied
75Compensation where road interfered with or wholly closed
76Access to land cut off from road or separated by motorway
77Alterations to roads, drains, etc
78Restrictions on poles, etc, on motorways
78AResponse to requests for access to motorway
79Availability for traffic
80Maintenance and control of motorways
81Cost of motorways
82Restrictions on use of motorways
83Vehicles which may be operated on motorways
84Restrictions on access to motorways
85Motorway deemed to be road
86Application of Impounding Act 1955
87Offences and penalties
87AAuckland Harbour Bridge
87BAuckland Harbour Bridge to be properly lighted
87CInstallation of services on Auckland Harbour Bridge
88Creation and revocation of limited access roads
89Provisions of Acts relating to roads to apply to limited access roads
90Access to and from land
91Authorisation of crossing places
92Restricting movement to or from limited access road
93Limited access road not a road for certain purposes
94Requirements relating to declaration of limited access road
95Certificate of land affected to be forwarded to Registrar-General of Land
96Administration of limited access roads
99Interpretation [Repealed]
100Apportionment of excise duty [Repealed]
100AApportionment of excise duty after 30 June 1992 [Repealed]
101Refund of excise duty [Repealed]
102Procedure for obtaining refund [Repealed]
103Amount of excise duty and refunds may be altered by Order in Council [Repealed]
104Special purpose roads [Repealed]
104AGrants from Infrastructure Auckland [Repealed]
105Public availability of documents
106Power of Agency to direct roading work
107Application of Act to Chatham Islands
108Supply of information
109Penalty for breach of bylaws
111Abolition of National Roads Board and Urban Transport Council, etc
112Matters pending to lapse
113Transitional provision in respect of loans by Urban Transport Council or National Roads Board
114Transitional financial provisions [Repealed]
115Regional advisory committees [Repealed]
116Repeals, savings, and consequential amendments
117Confirmation of Order in Council fixing refunds of excise duty
Title [Repealed]

Title: repealed, on 1 August 2008, by section 50(1) of the Land Transport Management Amendment Act 2008 (2008 No 47).