Education Act 1989

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241 Functions of Committee

The functions of the Committee are—


to set up inter-university course approval and moderation procedures:


to exercise in relation to universities in accordance with section 253A the powers of the Qualifications Authority under sections 249 to 251C, 254A(2)(b), and 255:


to list university qualifications on the Qualifications Framework:


to grant scholarships to students enrolled or proposing to enrol at universities out of money under its control on such terms as the Committee considers appropriate:


where another body has power to grant such scholarships—


to make recommendations to the person or authority having power to make appointments to that body as to the persons who should be appointed:


if authorised to do so, to make appointments to that body:


if requested by that body to do so, to advise that body on the grant of such scholarships:


to make recommendations to the Qualifications Authority on criteria for entrance to universities for the purposes of the performance by that Authority of its functions under section 257:


if requested by the councils of the universities to do so, to consider applications by foreign students for enrolment at any of those universities and make recommendations to the councils in respect of those applications:


to liaise with the councils of institutions other than universities in respect of procedures for enrolling foreign students:


to issue certificates relating to degrees and other academic qualifications and courses of, or examinations conducted by, the University of New Zealand as if that University had continued in existence and to charge such reasonable fees for the certificates as the Committee determines:


to perform any other functions conferred on it by this Act or any other enactment.

Section 241: inserted, on 23 July 1990, by section 41 of the Education Amendment Act 1990 (1990 No 60).

Section 241(b): replaced, on 30 August 2011, by section 37 of the Education Amendment Act 2011 (2011 No 66).

Section 241(ba): inserted, on 30 August 2011, by section 37 of the Education Amendment Act 2011 (2011 No 66).