Banking (Prudential Supervision) Act 1989

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104 Requirements to be complied with by person carrying out investigation


Any person who exercises any powers conferred by section 102(1) shall, if requested, produce the instrument of that person’s appointment under section 101.


No person who exercises any powers conferred by section 102(2) shall enter and search any premises, or inspect, remove, and take copies of any documents or extracts from documents, or require the reproduction in usable form of any information recorded or stored in documents, unless—


the occupier of the premises, or the person who has possession of the documents, agrees; or


that person obtains a warrant under section 106.


Every person authorised to enter and search any premises pursuant to a warrant obtained under section 106 shall, on first entering those premises and, if requested, at any subsequent time, produce—


evidence of that person’s authority to enter the premises; and


evidence of that person’s identity.

Compare: 1964 No 134 s 38O(3), (5), (9); 1986 No 131 s 10; 1989 No 11 s 22