Education Amendment Act 1990

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Education Amendment Act 1990

Public Act1990 No 60
Date of assent23 July 1990


This Act is administered in the Ministry of Education.

An Act to reform further the administration of education and, in particular, to reform tertiary education and training with a view to—

  • (a) Giving tertiary institutions as much independence and freedom to make academic, operational, and management decisions as is consistent with the nature of the services they provide, the efficient use of national resources, the national interest and the demands of accountability; and

  • (b) Establishing a consistent approach to the recognition of qualifications in academic and vocational areas: and

  • (c) Encouraging greater participation in tertiary education and training, in particular by removing barriers to access for those groups of persons who have previously been under-represented; and

  • (d) Contributing to a dynamic and satisfying society by promoting excellence in tertiary education, training, and research

BE IT ENACTED by the Parliament of New Zealand as follows: