Civil Aviation Act 1990

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72G Service charter


As soon as practicable after the commencement of this Act but in any event not later than 1 January 1993, the Authority shall prepare and make available to the public a service charter including (but not limited to)—


a statement by the Authority of the standards of service which the public can expect to apply to the carrying out of functions of the Authority and the Director under this Act and any regulations or rules made under this Act; and


details of the procedures to be followed under the service charter by a person who alleges that the standards were not met; and


details of the remedies that are available under the service charter to the person affected where it is established by that person to the satisfaction of the Authority that the standards were not met; and


provision for the appointment by the Authority of an appropriate independent person to assist in the resolution of disputes arising in respect of alleged failures to meet the standards of service specified in the service charter.


The service charter may make provision for a person to be appointed as a deputy to the person appointed under the provision referred to in subsection (1)(d), and for the functions, duties, and powers of the deputy.


The Authority, the Director, any employee or agent of the Authority, and any agent of the Director shall have a public duty to observe the provisions of the service charter.


If the Authority fails to comply with subsection (1), the Minister shall prepare the service charter and shall make it available to the public.


The Authority (in any case) and the Minister (where the Minister has prepared it) may from time to time, in writing, amend the service charter, and shall make such amendments available to the public.


The Authority shall not amend the service charter under subsection (5) if the service charter is prepared by the Minister under subsection (4).


Nothing in the service charter shall limit or restrict any right to make any complaint or to bring any proceedings under any Act or rule of law.

Section 72G: inserted, on 10 August 1992, by section 31 of the Civil Aviation Amendment Act 1992 (1992 No 75).

Section 72G(5): amended, on 20 August 1993, by section 11 of the Civil Aviation Amendment Act 1993 (1993 No 90).