Resource Management Act 1991

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70 Rules about discharges


Before a regional council includes in a regional plan a rule that allows as a permitted activity—


a discharge of a contaminant or water into water; or


a discharge of a contaminant onto or into land in circumstances which may result in that contaminant (or any other contaminant emanating as a result of natural processes from that contaminant) entering water,—

the regional council shall be satisfied that none of the following effects are likely to arise in the receiving waters, after reasonable mixing, as a result of the discharge of the contaminant (either by itself or in combination with the same, similar, or other contaminants):


the production of conspicuous oil or grease films, scums or foams, or floatable or suspended materials:


any conspicuous change in the colour or visual clarity:


any emission of objectionable odour:


the rendering of fresh water unsuitable for consumption by farm animals:


any significant adverse effects on aquatic life.


Before a regional council includes in a regional plan a rule requiring the adoption of the best practicable option to prevent or minimise any actual or likely adverse effect on the environment of any discharge of a contaminant, the regional council shall be satisfied that, having regard to—


the nature of the discharge and the receiving environment; and


other alternatives, including a rule requiring the observance of minimum standards of quality of the environment,—

the inclusion of that rule in the plan is the most efficient and effective means of preventing or minimising those adverse effects on the environment.