Resource Management Act 1991

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327 Issue and effect of excessive noise direction


Any enforcement officer, or any constable acting upon the request of an enforcement officer, who—


has received a complaint that excessive noise is being emitted from any place; and


upon investigation of the complaint, is of the opinion that the noise is excessive,—

may direct the occupier of the place from which the sound is being emitted, or any other person who appears to be responsible for causing the excessive noise, to immediately reduce the noise to a reasonable level.


A direction under subsection (1) may be given in writing or orally.


Every direction under subsection (1) shall prohibit the person to whom it is given, and every other person bound by the direction, from causing or contributing to the emission of excessive noise from or within the vicinity of the place at any time during the period of 72 hours or such shorter period as the enforcement officer or constable specifies, commencing at the time the direction is given.


The powers under this section are in addition to the powers under sections 322 to 325 to issue abatement notices relating to unreasonable noise and to seek an enforcement order under section 316.