333 Power of entry for survey


For any purpose connected with the preparation, change, or review of a policy statement or plan, any enforcement officer specifically authorised in writing by any local authority or consent authority to do so, may do all or any of the following:


carry out surveys, investigations, tests, or measurements:


take samples of any water, air, soil, or vegetation:


enter or re-enter land (except a dwellinghouse),—

at any reasonable time, with or without such assistance, vehicles, appliances, machinery, and equipment as is reasonably necessary for that purpose.




Reasonable written notice shall be given to the occupier of land to be entered under subsection (1)—


that entry on to the land is authorised under this section:


of the purpose for which entry is required:


how and when entry is to be made.


Every enforcement officer who exercises any power of entry under this section shall produce for inspection his or her warrant of appointment and written authorisation upon initial entry and in response to any later reasonable request.

Section 333(1A): repealed, on 1 April 2011, by section 128 of the Marine and Coastal Area (Takutai Moana) Act 2011 (2011 No 3).