Resource Management Act 1991

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Schedule 1 Preparation, change, and review of policy statements and plans

ss 60, 64, 65, 73


1Time limits
1AMana Whakahono a Rohe to be complied with
1BRelationship with iwi participation legislation
2Preparation of proposed policy statement or plan
3AConsultation in relation to policy statements
3BConsultation with iwi authorities
3CPrevious consultation under other enactments
4Requirements to be inserted prior to notification of proposed district plans
4AFurther pre-notification requirements concerning iwi authorities
5Public notice and provision of document to public bodies
5AOption to give limited notification of proposed change or variation
6Making of submissions under clause 5
6AMaking of submissions under clause 5A
7Public notice of submissions
8Certain persons may make further submissions
8AService of further submissions
8AAResolution of disputes
8BHearing by local authority
8CHearing not needed
8DWithdrawal of proposed policy statements and plans
9Recommendations and decisions on requirements
10Decisions on provisions and matters raised in submissions
10AApplication to Minister for extension of time
11Notification of decision
12Record of effect of decisions on provisions other than requirements [Repealed]
13Decision of requiring authority or heritage protection authority
14Appeals to Environment Court
15Hearing by the Environment Court
16Amendment of proposed policy statement or plan
16AVariation of proposed policy statement or plan
16BMerger with proposed policy statement or plan
17Final consideration of policy statements and plans other than regional coastal plans
18Consideration of a regional coastal plan by regional council
19Ministerial approval of regional coastal plan
20Operative date
20ACorrection of operative policy statement or plan
22Form of request
23Further information may be required
24Modification of request
25Local authority to consider request
26Notification timeframes
26AMana Whakahono a Rohe
28Withdrawal of requests
29Procedure under this Part
30Incorporation of documents by reference in plans and proposed plans
31Effect of amendments to, or replacement of, material incorporated by reference in plans and proposed plans
32Proof of material incorporated by reference
33Effect of expiry of material incorporated by reference
34Consultation on proposal to incorporate material by reference
35Access to material incorporated by reference
37Regional council must submit freshwater planning documents and give nominations to Chief Freshwater Commissioner
38Chief Freshwater Commissioner must convene freshwater hearings panel
39Functions of freshwater hearings panel
40Powers of freshwater hearings panel
41Pre-hearing meetings
42Council’s role during hearings
43Conference of experts
44Alternative dispute resolution
45Freshwater hearings panel may commission reports
46Freshwater hearings panel may appoint special advisor and friend of submitter
47Chief Freshwater Commissioner may extend time frame
48Procedures of freshwater hearings panel
49Freshwater hearings panel must make recommendations to regional council on freshwater planning instrument
50Matters that affect recommendations
51Deadline for recommendations
52Relevant regional council to consider recommendations and notify decisions on them
53Variations to freshwater planning instrument
54Appeal rights
55Right of appeal in relation to rejected recommendation
56Right of appeal in relation to accepted recommendation
57Judicial review
58Chief Freshwater Commissioner’s powers and functions in relation to freshwater hearings panels
59Composition of freshwater hearings panel
60Appointment of chairperson of freshwater hearings panel
61Liability of members of freshwater hearings panel
62Other duties of Chief Freshwater Commissioner in relation to panel members
63Funding of freshwater hearings panel and related activities
64Continued existence of freshwater hearings panel
65Minister may appoint freshwater commissioners
66How freshwater commissioners appointed
67When freshwater commissioner’s appointment ceases
68Liability of members of panel [Repealed]
69Functions of panel [Repealed]
70Powers of panel [Repealed]
71Procedures of panel [Repealed]
72Reports [Repealed]
73Conference of experts [Repealed]
74Information provided to review panel [Repealed]
75Contents of application for directions
76How responsible Minister considers request
77Responsible Minister’s decision
78Direction and its content
79Form and status of directions under Legislation Act 2012 [Repealed]
80Amendment of direction
81Time limits
82Local authority must comply with direction
83Local authority must submit proposed planning instrument to responsible Minister
84Responsible Minister to consider proposed planning instrument
85Proposed planning instrument approved or declined
86Responsible Minister may refer proposed planning instrument back to local authority
87Decision to decline to approve proposed planning instrument
88Power to withdraw
89Responsible Minister may revoke direction
90Notification of responsible Minister’s decision
91Scope of appeal rights
92Appeals in relation to requirements, designations, and heritage orders
93Appeals on questions of law in relation to requirements, designations, and heritage orders
94Procedural matters
95How specified territorial authority notifies intensification planning instrument
96Specified territorial authority must establish independent hearings panel and delegate necessary functions
97Specified territorial authority must submit intensification planning instrument documents to independent hearings panel
98Powers of independent hearings panel
99Independent hearings panel must make recommendations to territorial authority on intensification planning instrument
100How independent hearings panel must provide recommendations
101Specified territorial authority to consider recommendations
102Notification of specified territorial authority’s decisions
103What happens if specified territorial authority accepts all recommendations of independent hearings panel
104What happens if specified territorial authority accepts some, or none, of recommendations of independent hearings panel
105Minister must decide on rejected and alternative recommendations
106Notification of Minister’s decisions
107Scope of appeal rights
108Judicial review