5A Option to give limited notification of proposed change or variation


This clause applies to a proposed change or variation.


The local authority may give limited notification, but only if it is able to identify all the persons directly affected by the proposed change or a variation of a proposed policy statement or plan.


The local authority must serve limited notification on all persons identified as being directly affected by the proposed change or variation.


A notice given under this clause must state—


where the proposed change or variation may be inspected; and


that only the persons given limited notification under this clause may make a submission on the proposed change or variation; and


the process for participating in the consideration of the proposed change or variation; and


the closing date for submissions; and


the address for service of the local authority.


The local authority may provide any further information relating to a proposed change or variation that it thinks fit.


The closing date for submissions must be at least 20 working days after limited notification is given under this clause.


If limited notification is given, the local authority may adopt, as an earlier closing date, the last day on which the local authority receives, from all the directly affected persons, a submission, or written notice that no submission is to be made.


The local authority must provide a copy of the proposed change or variation, without charge, to—


the Minister for the Environment; and


for a change to, or variation of, a regional coastal plan, the Minister of Conservation and the Director-General of Conservation; and


for a change to, or variation of, a district plan, the regional council and adjacent local authorities; and


for a change to, or variation of, a policy statement or regional plan, the constituent territorial authorities and adjacent regional councils; and


tangata whenua of the area, through iwi authorities.


If limited notification is given in relation to a proposed change under this clause, the local authority must make the change or variation publicly available in the central public library of the relevant district or region, and may also make it available in any other place that it considers appropriate.


The obligations on the local authority under subclause (4) are in addition to those under section 35 (which relates to the keeping of records).

Schedule 1 clause 5A: inserted, on 19 April 2017, by section 119 of the Resource Legislation Amendment Act 2017 (2017 No 15).