Crown Minerals Act 1991

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Reprint as at 1 April 2011

Crown Minerals Act 1991

Public Act1991 No 70
Date of assent22 July 1991
Commencementsee section 1(2)


Changes authorised by section 17C of the Acts and Regulations Publication Act 1989 have been made in this reprint.

A general outline of these changes is set out in the notes at the end of this reprint, together with other explanatory material about this reprint.

This Act is administered by the Ministry of Economic Development.



1 Short Title and commencement

Part 1
Crown owned minerals

Interpretation and application

2 Interpretation

3 Act to bind Crown

4 Treaty of Waitangi

Functions, powers, and duties of Minister

5 Functions of Minister of Energy

6 Delegation of functions by Minister of Energy

7 Appointment of enforcement officers

Duties and restrictions

8 Restrictions on prospecting or exploring for, or mining, Crown owned minerals

9 Other legal requirements not affected

Minerals owned by the Crown

10 Petroleum, gold, silver, and uranium

11 Minerals reserved to Crown

Minerals programmes

12 Purpose of minerals programme

13 Minister's obligation to provide minerals programme

14 Preparation of draft minerals programme

15 Contents of minerals programme

16 Public notice

17 Submissions

18 Governor-General may issue minerals programme

19 Notification of approved programme

20 Review of minerals programme

21 Matters to be considered


22 Exercise of Minister's functions and powers

23 Application for permits

24 Allocation by public tender

25 Grant of permit

25A Record of permit

26 Priority of applications if more than 1 made and no minerals programme

27 Provisions relating to granting of permit

28 Restriction on granting of prospecting permits

29 Minister may require survey to be done

Conditions of permits

30 Rights to prospect, explore, mine

31 Right of permit holder to minerals

32 Right of permit holder to subsequent permits

33 Permit holder to comply with permit and this Act

34 Financial return to the Crown

35 Duration of permit

36 Change to permit

37 Extension of duration of exploration permit

38 Applicant to have substantially complied with permit

39 Revocation of permit

40 Surrender of permit

41 Transfers and other dealings with permits

42 Minister may require survey at any time

42A Authorisation of geophysical surveys on adjacent land

Work programmes in respect of subsequent permits

43 Work programmes to be approved by Minister

44 Duty of Minister withholding approval of work programme

45 Minister may direct that petroleum be refined and processed in New Zealand, etc

46 Unit development

Access to land

47 Permit does not give right of access to land

48 Cancellation of any Crown right of entry that is reserved by statute

Access to land for minimum impact activity

49 Entry on land for minimum impact activity

50 Entry on special classes of land for minimum impact activity

51 Entry on Maori land for minimum impact activity

52 Permit holder may obtain order

Access to land other than for minimum impact activity

53 Access to land for petroleum

54 Access to land for minerals other than petroleum

55 Restrictions on determination of access arrangements by arbitrators

56 Provisions relating to access arrangements

57 Meaning of entry on land

58 Disputes as to classification of land and activities

59 Notice of request for grant of right of access

60 Grant of right of access by access arrangement

61 Access arrangements in respect of Crown land and land in common marine and coastal area

61A Access to Crown land where mineral not property of the Crown

61B Access arrangements in respect of Crown land where mineral not property of the Crown

62 Prohibition of access in respect of Crown land

63 Request for appointment of arbitrator

64 Appointment of arbitrator in default of agreement

65 Fixing time and place for conducting hearing

66 Declaration by Order in Council that access arrangement may be determined by arbitrator

67 Right of appearance

68 Conciliation

69 Procedure

70 Determination of access arrangement, etc

71 Effect of access arrangement, etc

72 Variation of access arrangements

73 Costs

74 Withdrawal from arbitration

75 Liability

76 Compensation for owners and occupiers

77 Compliance with access conditions

78 Absentee or unknown owner of land

79 Absentee or unknown owner of minerals

80 Access arrangements in respect of Maori land

Notation on land titles

81 Lodging and notation of permits [Repealed]

82 Lodging of certificates of extension [Repealed]

83 Notation of access rights on land titles

84 Entry of permit and access particulars acts as notice only

85 Land Transfer Act 1952 not to limit or affect rights under permits or rights of access

86 Notation of mineral ownership on land titles

87 Certified copies of documents to be evidence

88 Recorded documents to be open for search

89 Revision of records

Registers and records

90 Reports to Secretary

90A Disclosure of petroleum reserves and production information to Secretary and publication by Secretary

91 Secretary to keep registers

91A Correction of errors or omissions

Miscellaneous provisions

92 Permits are not real or personal property

93 Access arrangement does not confer interest

94 Officers not to have personal interest

95 Address for service

96 Service of documents, etc

97 Application of monetary deposits

98 Gold fossicking areas

99 Arbitration

Offences and legal proceedings

100 Offences

101 Penalties

102 Liability of principal for acts of agents

103 Strict liability

104 Recovery of fees and other money


105 Regulations

Part 2
Transitional provisions relating to minerals

106 Interpretation

Existing privileges

107 Existing privileges to continue

108 Administration of existing privileges

109 Bonds and monetary deposits

110 Fees payable by holders of existing privileges

110A Data lodgement requirements in respect of petroleum licences

110B Extension of term of petroleum prospecting licences

111 Right to new permits

111A No application under section 103D of Mining Act 1971 for extension of duration of mining privilege

Existing applications

112 Existing applications under Mining Act 1971

113 Existing applications under Coal Mines Act 1979

114 Existing applications under Petroleum Act 1937

114A Priority of existing applications under Mining Act 1971, Coal Mines Act 1979, and Petroleum Act 1937

Transitional arrangements regarding access to land

115 Existing agreements regarding land access not affected

Miscellaneous provisions

116 Notices under section 24 of Mining Act 1971

117 Minister's obligations in respect of minerals programmes

118 Granting of petroleum permits before minerals programme issued

119 Restriction on granting of permits

119A No compensation

120 Repeals and revocations

121 Consequential amendments

122 Savings as to compensation claims

123 Savings as to court proceedings

Schedule 1
Enactments repealed


Schedule 2
Regulations revoked

Schedule 3
Enactments amended

Schedule 4
Description of Crown land to which section 61(1A) applies

Reprint notes

An Act to restate and reform the law relating to the management of Crown owned minerals