21 Minister may defer consideration of application for permit


Subsection (2) applies if the Minister has publicly notified a proposed change to a minerals programme and—


the chief executive has received an application for a permit for a mineral to which the programme applies after the proposed change has been notified; and


if the proposed change were in force, it would be likely that the Minister’s decisions in respect of the application would be different than if the decisions were made without the proposed change.


The Minister may defer his or her consideration of the application until—


the date on which the proposed change takes effect (in accordance with the Legislation Act 2019); or


if the Minister decides not to proceed with the change, the date on which the Minister publicly notifies his or her decision under section 16(5).

Section 21: replaced, on 24 May 2013, by section 18 of the Crown Minerals Amendment Act 2013 (2013 No 14).

Section 21(2)(a): amended, on 28 October 2021, by section 3 of the Secondary Legislation Act 2021 (2021 No 7).