Crown Minerals Act 1991

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42A Authorisation of geophysical surveys on adjacent land


The Minister may, subject to such conditions as the Minister thinks fit to impose, grant written authorisation to a permit holder to carry out geophysical surveys on land adjacent to the land to which the permit relates if another permit is not in force in relation to that adjacent land.


An authorisation granted under this section—


is subject to the provisions of this Act as if the authorisation were a permit of the same type as the permit held by the permit holder and referred to in subsection (1); but


does not authorise any activity other than the carrying out of geophysical surveys.

Section 42A: inserted, on 28 September 1993, by section 8 of the Crown Minerals Amendment Act 1993 (1993 No 139).

Section 42A(2): replaced, on 19 February 2019, by section 11 of the Crown Minerals Amendment Act 2019 (2019 No 2).