Fire Service Amendment Act 1992

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Fire Service Amendment Act 1992

Public Act1992 No 133
Date of assent18 December 1992


This Act is administered in the Department of Internal Affairs.

An Act to amend The Fire Service Act 1975

BE IT ENACTED by the Parliament of New Zealand as follows:

1 Short Title and commencement
  • (1) This Act may be cited as the Fire Service Amendment Act 1992, and shall be read together with and deemed part of The Fire Service Act 1975 (hereinafter referred to as the principal Act).

    (2) Except as provided in section 3(2) of this Act, this Act shall come into force on the day on which it receives the Royal assent.

2 Levy
  • (1) This subsection substituted section 48(6), and added sections 48(6A) and (6B), of the principal Act.

    (2) Notwithstanding anything in section 48(6) of the principal Act (as substituted by subsection (1) of this section), in the case of any contract of fire insurance that—

    • (a) Is entered into or renewed during the period beginning on the date of the commencement of this Act and ending with the close of the 28th day of February 1993; and

    • (b) Specifies an indemnity value of the property insured,—

    the levy payable under the principal Act shall be computed on the basis of that indemnity value.

3 Validation of levy paid by the Crown during period 1 July 1991 to 31 December 1992
  • (1) Notwithstanding anything in section 14(8) of The Earthquake and War Damage Act 1944 or any other enactment, in the case of any contract of fire insurance entered into by the Crown that—

    • (a) Is expressed to take effect after the 30th day of June 1991 but not later than the 31st day of December 1992; but

    • (b) Does not render the Crown liable to pay a levy under the principal Act to the Earthquake and War Damage Commission,—

    the Crown shall be deemed to be liable, and shall remain liable while the contract subsists, to pay such a levy to the Commission on—

    • (c) The stated indemnity value of the contract (if any); or

    • (d) If the contract does not state an indemnity value, an indemnity value given by the insured.

    (2) This section shall come into force on the 1st day of January 1993.