30 Further exceptions in relation to age


Nothing in section 22(1)(a) or section 22(1)(d) shall apply in relation to any position or employment where being of a particular age or in a particular age group is a genuine occupational qualification for that position or employment, whether for reasons of safety or for any other reason.


Nothing in section 22(1)(b) shall prevent payment of a person at a lower rate than another person employed in the same or substantially similar circumstances where the lower rate is paid on the basis that the first-mentioned person has not attained a particular age, not exceeding 20 years of age.


Nothing in section 22(1)(a) shall prevent preferential treatment based on age accorded to persons who are to be paid in accordance with subsection (2).

Compare: 1977 No 49 s 15A(2)–(4); 1992 No 16 s 4