Consumer Guarantees Act 1993

22 Manner of rejecting goods


The consumer shall exercise the right to reject goods under this Act by notifying the supplier of the decision to reject the goods and of the ground or grounds for rejection.


Where the consumer exercises the right to reject goods, the consumer shall return the rejected goods to the supplier—




because of the nature of the failure to comply with the guarantee in respect of which the consumer has the right to reject the goods; or


because of the size or height or method of attachment,—

the goods cannot be returned or removed or transported without significant cost to the consumer, in which case the supplier shall collect the goods at the expense of the supplier; or


unless the goods have already been returned to, or retrieved by, the supplier.


Where the ownership in the goods has passed to the consumer before the consumer exercises the right of rejection, the ownership in the goods revests in the supplier upon notification of rejection.

Compare: Trade Practices Act 1974 s 75A (Aust); Consumer Products Warranties Act 1977 ss 18, 22, 23 (Saskatchewan)