Biosecurity Act 1993

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100 Management agencies


The management agency specified in a plan must be 1 of the following bodies:


a department:


a council:


a territorial authority:


a body corporate.


In deciding which body is to be the management agency, the Minister or council must take the following into consideration:


the need for accountability to those providing the funds to implement the plan; and


the acceptability of the body to—


those providing the funds to implement the plan; and


those subject to management provisions under the plan; and


the capacity of the body to manage the plan, including the competence and expertise of the body’s employees and contractors.


Subsection (4) applies if a management agency—


gives the Minister or council a written notice of resignation; or


goes into liquidation, receivership, statutory management, or voluntary administration; or


ceases to exist.


The Minister or council must, as soon as practicable,—


appoint another body to be the management agency; and


publicly notify the appointment.

Section 100: replaced, on 18 September 2012, by section 39 of the Biosecurity Law Reform Act 2012 (2012 No 73).