23 Change of name


An application to change the name of a company must—


be in the prescribed form; and


be accompanied by a notice reserving the name; and


subject to the constitution of the company, be made by a director of the company with the approval of its board.


Subject to its constitution, an application to change the name of a company is not an amendment of the constitution of the company for the purposes of this Act.


As soon as the Registrar receives a properly completed application, the Registrar must—


enter the new name of the company on the New Zealand register; and


issue a certificate of incorporation for the company recording the change of name of the company.


A change of name of a company—


takes effect from the date of the certificate issued under subsection (3); and


does not affect rights or obligations of the company, or legal proceedings by or against the company, and legal proceedings that might have been continued or commenced against the company under its former name may be continued or commenced against it under its new name.