364 Notice by Registrar


A notice that the Registrar is required by this Act to give to a natural person, must be given in writing and in a manner that the Registrar considers appropriate in the circumstances.


Without limiting subsection (1), the Registrar may give notice in writing to a natural person by—


having it delivered to that person; or


posting it, or delivering it by courier, to that person at his or her last known address, or delivering it to a document exchange which that person is using at the time; or


sending it by facsimile machine to a telephone number used by that person for transmission of documents by facsimile; or


having it published in a newspaper or other publication in circulation in the area where that person lives or is believed to live.


Section 392 shall apply, with such modifications as may be necessary, in respect of the giving of notices by the Registrar.


A document that—


appears to be a copy of a notice given by the Registrar; and


is certified by the Registrar, or by a person authorised by the Registrar, as having been derived from a device or facility that records or stores information electronically or by other means—

is admissible in legal proceedings as a copy of the notice.