107 Consent and waiver of rights


It is not an infringement of any of the rights conferred by this Part to do any act to which the person who is entitled to the right has consented.


Any of the rights conferred by this Part may be waived by instrument in writing signed by the person waiving the right.


A waiver given pursuant to subsection (2)—


may relate to a specific work, or to works of a specified description that are in existence, in progress, or about to be commenced; and


shall state the rights to which the waiver relates; and


may be expressed to be subject to revocation; and


if made in favour of the owner or prospective owner of the copyright in the work or works to which the waiver relates, shall be presumed to extend to his or her licensees and successors in title unless a contrary intention is expressed.

Compare: Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 s 87 (UK)