8 Charter

The Charter of the public radio company is as follows:



As an independent public service broadcaster, the public radio company’s purpose is to serve the public interest.


Freedom of thought and expression are foundations of democratic society and the public radio company as a public service broadcaster plays an essential role in exercising these freedoms.


The public radio company fosters a sense of national identity by contributing to tolerance and understanding, reflecting and promoting ethnic, cultural, and artistic diversity and expression.


The public radio company provides reliable, independent, and freely accessible news and information.



In achieving its purpose, the public radio company must endeavour to provide services of the highest quality, which—


are predominantly and distinctively of New Zealand:


inform, entertain, and enlighten the people of New Zealand:


are challenging, innovative, and engaging:


foster critical thought, and informed and wide-ranging debate:


stimulate, support, and reflect the diversity of cultural expression, including drama, comedy, literature, and the performing arts:


stimulate, support, and reflect a wide range of music, including New Zealand composition and performance:


reflect New Zealand’s cultural identity, including Māori language and culture:


provide awareness of the world and of New Zealand’s place in it:


provide comprehensive, independent, accurate, impartial, and balanced regional, national, and international news and current affairs:


provide programmes which balance special interest with those of wide appeal, recognising the interests of all age groups:


contribute towards intellectual and spiritual development:


include an international service to the South Pacific in both English and Pacific languages:


take account of services provided by other broadcasters:


take advantage of the most effective means of delivery:


preserve and archive broadcasting material of historical interest.

Section 8: replaced, on 2 April 2016, by section 4 of the Radio New Zealand Amendment Act 2016 (2016 No 13).