35A National dog control information database


For the purposes of compiling and maintaining a national dog control information database, a territorial authority must provide to a person or organisation nominated by the Secretary for Local Government, in electronic form, the information that the territorial authority is required to keep under sections 30(1) and 34(2)(a) to (h) (which relates to offences, infringement notices, probationary and disqualified dog owners, and dog registration).


For the purpose of sections 30(2) and 35(2)(c),—


the person or organisation responsible for the database must be treated as if the person or organisation were a territorial authority; and


the information that the person or organisation holds under subsection (1) must be treated as if it were information that was collected for the purposes of sections 30 and 35; and


the person or organisation must be treated as if the person or organisation were permitted to disclose the information it holds only—


to any other territorial authority; and


by either—


disclosing the information to the territorial authority in accordance with sections 30(2) and 35(2)(c); or


allowing the territorial authority to access the information directly from the person’s or organisation’s database.


Despite subsection (2), the person or organisation may supply the information that it holds to the Secretary for Local Government for the purposes of evaluating dog control policy in New Zealand, as long as the information does not allow the identification of individual records of dog owners or dogs.

Section 35A: inserted, on 7 July 2004, by section 15 of the Dog Control Amendment Act 2004 (2004 No 61).