Fisheries Act 1996

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Reprint as at 22 October 2018

Coat of Arms of New Zealand

Fisheries Act 1996

Public Act
1996 No 88
Date of assent
13 August 1996
see section 1(2)–(3)

Changes authorised by subpart 2 of Part 2 of the Legislation Act 2012 have been made in this official reprint.

Note 4 at the end of this reprint provides a list of the amendments incorporated.

Sections 56 to 57J are administered by the Overseas Investment Office, the rest of this Act is administered by the Ministry for Primary Industries.


1Short Title and commencement
3Meaning of term associated person in relation to quota [Repealed]
3AMeaning of associated person in relation to issue of fishing permits [Repealed]
4Meaning of terms overseas person, ordinarily resident in New Zealand, and nominee [Repealed]
5Application of international obligations and Treaty of Waitangi (Fisheries Claims) Settlement Act 1992
6Application of Resource Management Act 1991
6ATransitional, savings, and related provisions
7Act to bind the Crown
9Environmental principles
10Information principles
11Sustainability measures
11AFisheries plans
13Total allowable catch
14Alternative total allowable catch for stock specified in Schedule 3
14AAlternative total allowable catch for stocks specified by Order in Council
14BAlternative total allowable catch for certain stocks
14CStock may be declared no longer subject to section 14B
15Fishing-related mortality of marine mammals or other wildlife
16Emergency measures
17Application of Part generally
17AHighly migratory species taken outside New Zealand fisheries waters
17BDetermination that stock or species be subject to quota management system
18Declaration that new stock subject to quota management system
19Matters to be included in notice under section 18
20Setting and variation of total allowable commercial catch
21Matters to be taken into account in setting or varying any total allowable commercial catch
22Effect of reduction of total allowable commercial catch
23Effect of increase in total allowable commercial catch
24Quota management areas
25Alteration of quota management areas
25AAlteration of quota management areas with agreement of quota owners
25BAlteration of quota management areas without agreement of quota owners
26Effect on quota if quota management area altered
27Characteristics of individual transferable quota [Repealed]
28Characteristics of provisional individual transferable quota [Repealed]
29Characteristics of provisional catch history [Repealed]
29ABasis for allocation of quota
29BAllocation to Crown and Te Ohu Kai Moana Trustee Limited
30Provisional catch history to be mechanism for allocation of quota [Repealed]
31Manner of calculating provisional catch history [Repealed]
32Criteria of eligibility to receive provisional catch history for quota management stock
32AApplication of Part 4 to estate of deceased fishing permit holder
32BExpiry of section 32A [Repealed]
33Qualifying years
34Calculation of provisional catch history
35Notification of eligibility to receive provisional catch history
35AAmendment of notification of eligibility to receive provisional catch history
36Notification of allocation of provisional catch history
37Transfer of provisional catch history
38Disputes about transfer of provisional catch history [Repealed]
39Criteria of eligibility to receive provisional catch history for stock controlled by individual catch entitlement [Repealed]
40Calculation of provisional catch history based on individual catch entitlement [Repealed]
41Notification of eligibility to receive provisional catch history on basis of individual catch entitlement [Repealed]
42Quota to be expressed in shares
43Rounding of amounts or shares
44Te Ohu Kai Moana Trustee Limited entitled to 20% of total new quota
45Criteria of eligibility to receive quota
46Withholding of quota for non-payment of cost recovery levies or deemed values
47Allocation of quota on basis of provisional catch history
48Notification of allocation of quota
49Unallocated total allowable commercial catch to be held by Crown
49ASurrender of quota to Crown
50Rights of Crown in relation to quota
50ANotification of allocation of provisional catch history [Repealed]
50BAllocation of quota on basis of provisional catch history [Repealed]
50CNotification of allocation of quota [Repealed]
50DQuota holders may offer individual transferable quota to the Crown [Repealed]
50EChief executive to determine whether more than 80 000 000 quota shares held by other quota owners [Repealed]
50FCrown acquisition of quota where more than 80 000 000 quota shares held by other quota owners [Repealed]
50GCompensation for reduction of quota [Repealed]
51Rights of appeal
52Effect of decision to alter provisional catch history
53Calculation of entitlement to quota following appeal
54Allocation of quota if proceedings determined late in fishing year
55Determination or order not to affect quota allocated to Te Ohu Kai Moana Trustee Limited
56Purpose of overseas investment fishing provisions
57Overview of overseas investment fishing provisions
57AInterpretation of overseas investment fishing provisions
57BConsent required for overseas investments in fishing quota
57CConsent must be obtained before overseas investment given effect
57DWhat are overseas investments in fishing quota
57EApproach to criteria for consent
57FWho are relevant overseas persons, and individuals with control, for overseas investments
57GCriteria for overseas investments in fishing quota
57HFactors for determining whether or not overseas investment in fishing quota is in national interest
57IApplying good character and Immigration Act 2009 criteria
57JWho administers overseas investment fishing provisions
57KNo person in breach becomes entitled to provisional catch history
58Interest in fishing quota that is overseas investment in fishing quota to be forfeit
58APowers of court on application for declaration under section 58
58BInterest in fishing quota forfeited under section 58 or section 58A must be dealt with in accordance with section 62
59Aggregation limits
60Minister may consent to persons holding quota in excess of aggregation limits
61Quota held in excess of aggregation limits to be forfeit
62Provisions relating to forfeit property
63Order of transactions
64Order of transactions on first day of new fishing year [Repealed]
65Characteristics of annual catch entitlement [Repealed]
66Generation of annual catch entitlement at beginning of new fishing year
67Allocation of annual catch entitlement
67AAllocation of additional annual catch entitlement in case of underfishing
67BAmendments to Schedule 5A
68Minister to create additional annual catch entitlement if total allowable catch increased during fishing year
69Catch must be covered by annual catch entitlement [Repealed]
70Defences applicable to certain stock [Repealed]
71Defences applicable to individual fishers [Repealed]
72Dumping of fish prohibited
73Offence to transfer used annual catch entitlement [Repealed]
74Minimum holdings of annual catch entitlement
74AOrders under section 74(7) are confirmable instruments
75Minister to set deemed value rates
75ARequirement to consult in relation to deemed values
75BLimitation period for challenges to deemed values
76Catch to be counted against annual catch entitlement
76AApplication for catch balancing relief
76BEffect of granting catch balancing relief
77Over-fishing thresholds
77AMatters to be taken into account when recommending over-fishing thresholds
78Catch in excess of over-fishing thresholds
78AOther persons may be subjected to same conditions as commercial fisher with catch in excess
78BRemoval of conditions on other persons
79Suspension of permit for non-payment of deemed value
79ASuspension of fishing permit of other persons
79BRemoval of suspension, or direction to issue permit
80Conclusive notification
81Calculation of foreign allowable catch
82Apportionment of foreign allowable catch for foreign fishing vessels
83Issue of licences
84Licensing offences
85Fees, royalties, and charges
86Suspension and revocation of licences
87Review by courts
88Administrative penalties for fisheries offences
89All fishing to be authorised by fishing permit unless specific exemption held
89AExemption relating to farmed fish and spat catching
89BExemption relating to protected customary rights
90Application for fishing permit [Repealed]
91Issue of fishing permit
92Fishing permit may be issued subject to conditions
93Qualifications for holding fishing permit and moratorium
93AFishing permits subject to moratorium issued to related persons on death of fishing permit holder [Expired]
93BExpiry of section 93A
94Right of review against decisions made under delegated authority
95Obligations of fishing permit holder [Repealed]
96Revocation of fishing permit
97Special permits
99Appointment of Registrars [Repealed]
100Matters to be shown in Permit Register and Fishing Vessel Register
101Matters to be shown in Fishing Vessel Register [Repealed]
101AMatters to be shown in High Seas Permit Register
102Access to registers and application of Privacy Act 1993
103Fishing vessels must be registered
103AProcess for granting exemption from requirement to be New Zealand ship and granting consent to registration
104Provisions relating to notified users of fishing vessels
105Fish carriers must be registered
106Further provisions relating to registration of vessels
106ASuspension of consent to registration
106BRights of review and appeal relating to suspension of consent to registration of vessel
107Cancellation of registration of fishing vessel
108Application of this Part to tenders
109Presumption that fish on registered vessel caught in New Zealand
110Fish taken in New Zealand fisheries waters must be landed in New Zealand
111Fish on registered vessel deemed to have been taken for purpose of sale
112Taking of fish, etc, by other than New Zealand ships
113Possession of fish, etc, by vessels that are not New Zealand ships
113AAll fishing within foreign fishing jurisdiction to be authorised
113CNotification and certification by Secretary of Foreign Affairs and Trade
113DTaking and transportation of fish, etc, on high seas using New Zealand ships
113EUse of foreign vessels on high seas by New Zealand nationals
113FExemption from section 113E
113GApplication for high seas fishing permit
113HIssue of high seas fishing permit
113ITerm and content of high seas fishing permit
113JCompliance with conditions and regulations
113KConditions of high seas fishing permit
113LHigh seas fishing permit to be carried on vessel
113MNotification of change of ownership of vessel
113NChief executive may suspend or revoke high seas fishing permit
113OProcedure to be followed before suspending or revoking permit
113PEffect of suspension or revocation of permit
113QHigh seas fishery inspectors
113RPowers of high seas fishery inspectors in relation to New Zealand vessels
113SPowers of high seas fishery inspectors in relation to foreign vessels
113TBoarding and inspection procedures relating to foreign vessels
113UInvestigation of serious violations
113VBoarding and inspection procedures modified by global, regional, or subregional fisheries organisation or arrangement
113WPersons on New Zealand ships to co-operate with foreign high seas inspectors
113XPowers of foreign high seas inspector when requested to investigate
113YChief executive may withdraw authorisation to fish under high seas fishing permit
113ZAdministrative penalties for high seas fisheries offences
113ZARight to require that offence be dealt with by court
113ZBAdmission of offence
113ZCAmount of administrative penalty
113ZDVisits by foreign ships
113ZEConsent of Attorney-General required for certain proceedings
113ZFAuthorised agent
114Application of this Part
115Minister to issue statement of procedure
116Content of statement of procedure
117Minister may appoint Fisheries Dispute Commissioner to resolve dispute
119Secretarial services
120Fees and allowances of Commissioner
121Protection of sensitive information
122Commissioner to report to Minister within 60 working days
123Minister to determine dispute
125Appointment of Registrars [Repealed]
126Chief executive to have use of seal
127Matters to be shown in Quota Register
128Matters to be shown in Annual Catch Entitlement Register
129Registers to be open for inspection
130Chief executive may close register
131Liability of officers [Repealed]
132Transfers of individual transferable quota
133Transfers of annual catch entitlement
134Annual catch entitlement transferable during extended trading period
135Other dealings in quota or annual catch entitlement
136Mortgages of quota
137Mortgages of annual catch entitlement prohibited
138Variation of terms of mortgage by endorsement
138AAssignment of mortgages
139Rights of mortgagee
140Restriction on exercise of power of sale
140ARestriction on transfer by mortgagee
141Court may permit mortgagee to exercise power before period expired
142Restriction on action to recover deficiency
143No contracting out
144Application of purchase money
145Transfer by mortgagee
146Discharge of mortgage
147Types of caveats
148Effect of caveat
149Caveat against transfer of quota or annual catch entitlement
150Caveat may be withdrawn
151Procedure for removal of caveat
152Person entering or maintaining caveat without due cause liable for damages
152BEffect of registering settlement quota interest against quota shares
153Effect of decrease in quota shares
154Effect of alteration of quota management area
155Transactions not effectual until registered
156When transactions deemed registered
157Application for registration
158Priority according to time of registration
159Registration procedure
160Provisions relating to defective applications for registration
161Person claiming under operation of law may apply to have interest registered
162Procedure on application
163Chief executive may transfer quota or annual catch entitlement
164Application for correction of register
165Correction of register
166Certified copies of register to be evidence
167Registrar not bound to attend court or produce register without court order [Repealed]
168Guarantee of ownership rights
169Purchasers and mortgagees not affected by notice
170No liability on bona fide purchaser or mortgagee
171Compensation for mistake or wrongdoing in keeping Quota Register
172Notice of action to be served on Attorney-General and Registrar
173Recovery of compensation paid and costs in case of fraud
175Declaration of taiapure-local fisheries
176Provisions relating to order under section 175
177Proposal for establishment of taiapure-local fishery
178Initial consideration of proposal
179Notice of proposal
180Objections to, and submissions on, proposal
181Inquiry by tribunal
182Appeal on question of law
183Power of Minister to recommend declaration of taiapure-local fishery
184Management of taiapure-local fishery
185Power to recommend making of regulations
186Regulations relating to customary fishing
186ATemporary closure of fishing area or restriction on fishing methods
186BTemporary closure of fisheries
186DChief executive may seek information or consult certain persons for purposes of making aquaculture decision
186EChief executive to make aquaculture decision
186FOrder in which requests for aquaculture decisions to be processed
186GProvision of fisheries information relating to stock
186GAAquaculture decisions must not be made in relation to certain areas
186GBMatters to be considered before aquaculture decision made
186HRequirements for aquaculture decision
186IAppeal against aquaculture decision [Repealed]
186JJudicial review of aquaculture decision
186KFish Farmer Register
186LInformation to be shown in Fish Farmer Register
186MAccess to Fish Farmer Register
186NFish farmer must advise chief executive of certain changes
186OLimitations on holding and dealing with fish farmer registration
186PRestriction on fish farming
186RApplications to register as fish farmer
186SDecision on application
186TSection 186S subject to sections 30 and 31 of Aquaculture Reform (Repeals and Transitional Provisions) Act 2004
186UEffect of registration
186VRegistration of fish farmer
186WVariation of registration
186XAppeal against suspension of fish farmer registration
186YRevocation of registration
186ZAppeal against revocation of fish farmer registration
186ZASubpart does not affect Freshwater Fish Farming Regulations 1983
186ZBSubpart does not apply to fish farming under protected customary rights order or agreement
186ZCAlteration of Schedule 8A
186ZERegisters of aquaculture agreements, pre-request aquaculture agreements, and compensation declarations
186ZFQuota owners whose consent is necessary for aquaculture agreement
186ZGHigh Court may consent to aquaculture agreement on behalf of non-consenting persons
186ZHLodging aquaculture agreements with chief executive for registration
186ZHALodging compensation declarations with chief executive for registration
186ZIPeriod within which aquaculture agreements must be lodged for registration
186ZIAPeriod within which compensation declaration must be lodged for registration
186ZJNo proceedings to be taken against chief executive
186ZKChief executive must notify regional council of certain matters
186ZMPre-request aquaculture agreements
186ZNCompensation to be provided by coastal permit holder to affected quota owners if aquaculture agreement not lodged
186ZOSubmission to arbitration
186ZPArbitrator to determine preliminary question about economic value of proposed aquaculture activities
186ZQDetermination of compensation
186ZRRegulations relating to compensation
187References to weight of fish, aquatic life, or seaweed to be references to greenweight
188Conversion factors
188ASpat ratio
189Persons who are required to keep records and returns
190Accounts, records, returns, and other information
191Disposal of fish by commercial fishers
192Restrictions on purchase or acquisition of fish by certain persons
192ARestriction on acquisition of fish, aquatic life, and seaweed by fish farmers
193Fish in licensed premises or premises where food sold deemed to have been taken for purpose of sale
194Fish in fish farm deemed to be farmed and possessed for sale
195Fish in excess of certain quantities deemed to have been acquired or possessed for purpose of sale
196Appointment of fishery officers
197Appointment of honorary fishery officers
198Issue of warrants and conferral of powers
198APowers may be exercised outside New Zealand fisheries waters
199Powers of entry and examination for regulatory purposes
199APowers of entry and search for law enforcement purposes
199BApplication of Part 4 of Search and Surveillance Act 2012
200Conditions relating to exercise of powers of entry, etc
201Power to question persons and require production of documents
202Powers for purpose of ascertaining financial status or interest in forfeit property of certain persons
203Power of arrest
204Power to give directions to master
205Power to use reasonable force in exercise of certain powers
206Power to take copies of documents
207Powers of seizure
208Chief executive may release seized property under bond [Repealed]
209Seized property to be held by the Crown if not released [Repealed]
210Crown to release seized property in certain circumstances [Repealed]
211Seized property forfeited to the Crown if ownership not established [Repealed]
212Chief executive may sell perishable seized property
213Protection of the Crown
214Crown caveats preventing registration of transactions
215General powers
216Protection against self-incrimination
217Fishery officer to provide identification
218Production of warrant to be sufficient authority to act
219Persons to assist fishery officer or high seas fishery inspector
220Protection of fishery officer or high seas fishery inspector from liability
221Complaints against fishery officers or high seas fishery inspectors
223Observer programme established
224Chief executive to give notice of intention to place observer on vessel
225Powers of observers and obligations of persons on vessels carrying observers
226Food and accommodation to be provided for observers
227Supervision by observers of transhipments, dumping of fish, and operation of conversion factors
227AInstallation and maintenance of equipment on vessels may be required
228Breach of conditions or requirements
229Obstructing fishery officers
230Neglect or refusal to supply particulars, and improper divulging of information
231Knowingly making false statement or using false document to obtain benefit
232Buying, selling, or possessing fish contrary to Act
233Knowingly acting in contravention of Act to obtain a benefit
234Using hazardous substance to catch or destroy fish
235Knowingly permitting premises to be used for offence against Act
236Proceedings for offences
237Summons may be served on agent of foreign vessel
238Charges relating to certain offences may be heard together
239Charging document may charge defendant with any number of offences
240Strict liability
241Defence available under this Act
242Defence for all quota management stocks [Repealed]
243Defence for specified quota management stocks [Repealed]
244Liability of body corporate
245Liability of companies and persons for actions of agent or employees
246Liability of directors and managers
247Presumption as to authority
248Certificates and official documents
249Copies of accounts, records, returns, etc
250Presumption as to master of vessel
251Presumptions to apply whether or not separate or further evidence adduced in support
253Imprisonment of foreign persons
254Matters to be taken into account by court in sentencing
255Interpretation—forfeiture provisions
255AForfeiture for infringement offence
255BForfeiture where person liable to fine exceeding $10,000 but less than $100,000
255CForfeiture for section 252(2), (3), and (5) offences, offences carrying fine of $100,000, repeat offences, and serious non-commercial offences
255DForfeiture for section 252(1) or (4) offence
255EGeneral provisions relating to forfeiture
256Provisions relating to forfeit property
257Prohibition of fishing activity in case of reoffending
258Sum equal to deemed value payable if catch returns not completed or provided, or false returns provided
259Rewards to informants
260Minor offences [Repealed]
260AInfringement offences
260BInfringement notices
260CInfringement fees
261Purpose of Part
262Cost recovery principles
263Cost recovery rules
265Under-recovery and over-recovery of costs
265ARecommendation for levies payable in year commencing 1 October 2003 and subsequent years
266Other fees, charges, or levies
267Payment of levies
268Caveats on quota
269Suspension of permit, licence, or registration where levies unpaid
270Priority of debts [Repealed]
271Records and returns
272Levies to be separately accounted for [Repealed]
273Caveats on quota [Repealed]
274Priority of debts [Repealed]
275Suspension of permit or fish receiver’s licence where levies unpaid [Repealed]
276Minister may establish National Fisheries Advisory Council
279Remuneration of members
280Secretarial services
281Certain powers of Minister not to be delegated
283Catch History Review Committee established
284Functions of Committee
286Defect in appointment
287Committee may regulate its own procedure
288Hearings to be held in public except in certain circumstances
289Fees and travelling allowances
290Administration of Committee
291Representation of parties
292Evidence before Committee
293Decision of Committee
294Use of outside agencies in performance of functions under Act
295Notification of appointments and places for provision of information
296Electronic transmission
296BTransfer of specified functions, duties, or powers to approved service delivery organisations
296CEffect of transfer of specified functions, duties, or powers
296DMinister must require payment of bond
296ERevocation of order transferring functions, duties, or powers to approved service delivery organisation
296FEffect of termination of transfer
296GPurpose of sections 296H to 296N
296HMinister may transfer property, rights, and obligations to chief executive
296IMinister to give notice before transferring property, etc
296JContent of notice to transfer property, rights, and obligations
296KRight of appeal to District Court
296LDate on which transfer of property takes effect
296MCompensation for transfer of property
296NResolution of disputes regarding compensation
296OMinister may issue standards and specifications
296PProcedure for issuing standards and specifications
296QApproved service delivery organisations must comply with directions
296RSanctions for failing to comply with standards and specifications
296SDemerit points to be recorded by Minister
296TProcedure for recording demerit points
296UDemerit points recorded where no objection made
296VDemerit points recorded where objection made
296WCivil penalty imposed where demerit points recorded
296XCollection of civil penalty
296YPenalties payable into Crown Bank Account
296ZAASuspension of permit and refusal of services for non-payment of fees
296ZARegulations relating to information disclosure
296ZBInformation to be supplied to chief executive
296ZCSupply of information relating to business of approved service delivery organisation
296ZDRequirement that information be audited
296ZEDisclosure of information to Minister
296ZFAuditor to inform approved service delivery organisation of intention to disclose
296ZGProtection of auditors
296ZHUnique identifiers
297General regulations
298Regulations relating to sustainability measures
299Regulations relating to foreign licensed access
299AAmendments to update Schedule 1A
300Dockside monitoring
301Regulations relating to freshwater fish farming
302General provisions as to regulations
302AGazette notices may be consolidated
303Certain notices to have status of regulations
305Application of Commodity Levies Act 1990
305APowers of chief executive when false or misleading information given
305BRequirements applying generally to applications and requests under this Act
305CChief executive may require additional information
306Giving of notices, etc
307Ornamental fish
308Protection of the Crown, etc
309Power to withhold compensation where amounts owing to Crown
310Southern scallop enhancement programmes
311Areas closed to commercial fishing methods
312Prohibition on taking southern scallops for sale outside scallop season
313Closure of southern scallop fishery
314Repeals of provisions of Fisheries Act 1983
315Change of name of Fishing Industry Board Act 1963 [Repealed]
316Amendments to other enactments
317Amendments to Fisheries (Catch Against Quota) Regulations 1993 [Repealed]
318Amendments to Fisheries (Cost Recovery Levies) Order 1995
319Amendments to Fisheries (Quota Management Areas, Total Allowable Catches, and Catch Histories) Notice 1986
320Amendment to Fisheries (Jack Mackerel Quota Management Areas, Total Allowable Catches, and Catch Histories) Notice (No 2) 1987
321Amendment to Fisheries (Squid Quota Management Areas, Total Allowable Catches, and Catch Histories) Notice 1987
322Relationship between offence provisions of Fisheries Act 1983 and this Act
323Savings relating to regulations, etc
324Savings relating to rock lobster regulations
325Savings related to fish farming regulations
326Savings related to territorial sea and exclusive economic zone
327Savings related to commodity levy orders
328Savings relating to licences, approvals, and authorisations
329Validation of certain decisions relating to permits
330Certain fishing restrictions may affect quota management areas
331Savings relating to fishery officers, examiners, and observers
332Transitional provisions relating to registration of vessels where consent required under section 57(8) of Fisheries Act 1983 [Repealed]
333Cancellation of registration to which section 332 applies [Repealed]
333ATransitional provisions relating to foreign ownership [Repealed]
334Conversion of transferable term quota (rock lobster) [Repealed]
335Savings relating to quota appeals [Repealed]
336Savings relating to quota appeals after commencement of section 66 [Repealed]
337Transitional provisions relating to decisions of Catch History Review Committee [Repealed]
338Transitional fishing year for packhorse rock lobster [Repealed]
339Transitional provisions relating to monthly and opening balances [Repealed]
340Transitional provisions relating to allocation of annual catch entitlement [Repealed]
340AAExceptions to minimum holdings of annual catch entitlement for certain paua stocks [Repealed]
340ATransitional provisions relating to underfishing [Repealed]
341Confirmation of quota
342Guaranteed minimum individual transferable quota [Repealed]
343Conversion of holdings from old register to new register [Repealed]
344Savings relating to balancing [Repealed]
345Transitional Register
346Provisions relating to registration of caveats in respect of leases [Repealed]
347Provisions relating to registration of leases
347AProvisions relating to transfer of annual catch entitlement under leases in first fishing year [Repealed]
348Provisions relating to the registration of forward transfers of quota
349Provisions relating to caveats, etc, over converted quota [Repealed]
350Transitional period for registration of mortgages [Repealed]
351Special provisions relating to stocks with a fishing year beginning on 1 April [Repealed]
352Existing agreements to fish against another person’s quota [Repealed]
353Statutory debts under Fisheries Act 1983
354Regulations in respect of transitional provisions [Repealed]
355Expiry of section 354 [Repealed]
356Dispute resolution [Repealed]
357Provision relating to minimum quota holdings
358Provisions relating to permissions granted to overseas quota owners under section 28Z of Fisheries Act 1983 [Repealed]
358ATransitional provisions relating to sections 56 to 58 and 62 [Repealed]
359Provision relating to aggregation limit consents granted under section 28W of Fisheries Act 1983
360Provisions relating to taiapure-local fisheries
361Transitional offences and penalties [Repealed]
362Allocation of quota for bait [Repealed]
363Allocation of quota
364Further provisions relating to allocation of quota
365Cost recovery [Repealed]
366Southern scallop enhancement programme
367Allocation of jack mackerel quota
368Allocation of Nelson-Marlborough dredge oyster quota
368AFoveaux Strait dredge oyster fishery subject to quota system
369Allocation of Northland scallop quota
369APale ghost shark subject to quota management system
369BSouthern blue whiting subject to quota management system
369CAllocation of quota for southern blue whiting in quota management areas SBW6A, SBW6B, SBW6I, and SBW6R
369DAllocation of quota for southern blue whiting in quota management area SBW1
369ESouthern blue whiting taken from 1 April 1999 to 31 October 1999
369FInitial total allowable commercial catch and total allowable catch for southern blue whiting in quota management areas SBW6A, SBW6B, SBW6I, and SBW6R
369GTransitional provision relating to Chatham Islands fishers [Expired]
369HExpiry of section 369G [Repealed]
369ISouth Island freshwater eel subject to quota management system
369JTransitional provision relating to increase of total allowable catch for freshwater eel [Expired]
369KExpiry of section 369J [Repealed]
369LChange to fishing year for ANG13
369MExpiry of section 369L(3)
369NScampi subject to quota management system
369OAllocation of provisional catch history
369PNotification of fishers allocated provisional catch history
369QPublic notification of provisional catch history allocation
369RApplication of certain provisions to scampi
369SGreen-lipped mussel in quota management area 9 subject to quota management system
369TAllocation of quota for pipi in quota management area 1A
370Transitional provision relating to performance of functions by outside agencies
Reprint notes

An Act—


to reform and restate the law relating to fisheries resources; and


to recognise New Zealand’s international obligations relating to fishing; and


to provide for related matters