Rating Valuations Act 1998

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Version as at 30 June 2022

Coat of Arms of New Zealand

Rating Valuations Act 1998

Public Act
1998 No 69
Date of assent
23 June 1998
see section 1(2)

The Parliamentary Counsel Office has made editorial and format changes to this version using the powers under subpart 2 of Part 3 of the Legislation Act 2019.

Note 4 at the end of this version provides a list of the amendments included in it.

This Act is administered by Land Information New Zealand.


1Short Title and commencement
4Functions and powers of Valuer-General
5Valuer-General may make rules setting requirements in relation to valuations and district valuation rolls
5AMeaning of record of title
5BWhat constitutes rating unit if there is record of title
5CWhat constitutes rating unit if there is no record of title
6District valuation rolls to be used as basis for rating [Repealed]
7Territorial authorities to prepare and maintain district valuation rolls
8Persons who may provide valuations
9General revaluation of rolls at 3-yearly intervals
10Territorial authority to supply details of general revaluation to Valuer-General
11Valuer-General’s approval required before general revaluation may be implemented
12General revaluation to be publicly notified upon completion
13Notice of general revaluation to owners and occupiers
14Alterations during currency of rolls
15Alteration may be backdated in case of certain omissions
16New valuation on request
17Notice of alterations, etc, to owner and ratepayer
18Equalisation certificates and special rating areas under Rating Powers Act 1988 [Repealed]
19Valuer-General’s approval required before rating may proceed on basis of equalisation certificate or special rating area [Repealed]
20Value of trees and minerals
21Value of land subject to lease
22Rates-postponement values of farmland [Repealed]
23Special rateable values of industrial or commercial land in residential or rural areas [Repealed]
24Special rateable values of residential land in commercial or industrial areas [Repealed]
25Special rateable values of single or double-unit dwellings where values influenced by demand for multi-unit housing [Repealed]
26Special rateable values of existing use properties [Repealed]
27Special rateable values of land subject to special preservation conditions [Repealed]
28Rates-postponement or special rateable value need not be determined unless likely to be lower than normal rateable value [Repealed]
29When rates-postponement and special rateable values to be entered in valuation roll [Repealed]
30Land ceasing to be used for purpose for which rates-postponement or special rateable value determined [Repealed]
31Notice to owners and occupiers in relation to rates-postponement or special rateable value [Repealed]
32Objection by owner or ratepayer
33Objection by other persons
34Objection to be initially reviewed by valuer
35Notification of result of review
36Persons affected may require objection to be heard by Land Valuation Tribunal
37Valuer-General may object to any valuation, or join proceedings
38Proceedings of Land Valuation Tribunal
39Territorial authority to give effect to decisions of Tribunal
40Valuation may be acted on while appeal pending
41Copies of entries in rolls available to public
42Territorial authorities to maintain and supply information to Valuer-General
43Regional councils to share costs of maintaining district valuation rolls
44Territorial authorities may be required to supply valuation services for equalisation certificates and special rating areas [Repealed]
45Powers of entry
46Provisions relating to notices
47Delegation of Valuer-General’s functions and powers
48Appearance in legal proceedings of Valuer-General
49Expenses of administration of Valuer-General
50Delegation of functions and powers of territorial authority
51Sale of information obtained under Act not prevented by Copyright Act 1994
54Amendments to other Acts, etc
55References to Valuer-General in leases and other documents
56References to this Act, etc
57Savings relating to proceedings
58Saving of pre-1971 definitions of improvements and value of improvements in certain cases
59Existing valuation rolls to continue in force
60Territorial authorities may be required to use services of Valuation New Zealand Limited until 1 September 2000
61Valuer-General and New Zealand Local Government Association to agree on which territorial authorities need not use Valuation New Zealand Limited
62Saving for Auckland City Council
63Saving in respect of rules made on or before 1 August 1998

An Act to—


provide for the Valuer-General to be a statutory officer within Land Information New Zealand; and


introduce contestability to the rating valuations market by assigning to the Valuer-General a regulatory rather than a participatory role in the preparation of district valuation rolls; and


repeal the Valuation of Land Act 1951 and generally restate the law relating to the valuation of land for rating purposes