Land Transport Act 1998

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Land Transport Act 1998

Public Act1998 No 110
Date of assent8 December 1998


This Act is administered in the Ministry of Transport.



General responsibilities

Responsibilities of road users under ordinary and emergency rules

Responsibilities concerning use of alcohol or drugs

Responsibilities of drivers and other road users concerning enforcement officers

Traction engine safety

Assessment criteria

Information requirements

30L Grant of licence [Not in force]

30V Interpretation [Not in force]

30Z Application of Part [Not in force]

Subpart 1Work time

[Not in force]

30ZC Limits on work time [Not in force]

30ZD Records must be kept [Not in force]

Subpart 2Logbooks

[Not in force]

Offences relating to driver licensing

Offences relating to driving (other than offences involving alcohol)

Offences relating to rules

Loading offences

Other offences

Offences and penalties


Repeat offences

Name suppression

Blood test fee

Enforcement procedures for offences involving intoxication

Evidential provisions

Subpart 1Work time

[Not in force]

Subpart 2Logbooks

[Not in force]


Disqualification of transport service driver and other persons

Suspension of transport service driver and other persons

87F Term of suspension [Not in force]

Effect of disqualification or suspension of transport service driver and other persons

Demerit points system

Other penalties

Mandatory suspension of driver licence

Impoundment of vehicles

Removal of disqualifications

Removal of licence suspension and return of impounded vehicles

Grant of limited licence

Rights of appeal

Demerit points

General enforcement powers

Powers of entry, arrest, immobilisation, and impoundment

Enforcement powers for offences involving certain vehicles

Dangerous goods

Commencement of proceedings

Certain matters not defences

Infringement offences


145A Evidence and proof [Not in force]

Emergency rules

General provisions concerning making of rules


National land transport strategy

Regional land transport strategies

Role of Land Transport Safety Authority and Director

195 Service charter [Repealed]

Powers and additional functions of Authority and Director

Use of outside agencies in performance of functions


211A Payment of fees [Not in force]

An Act—

  • (a) To promote safe road user behaviour and vehicle safety; and

  • (b) To provide for a system of rules governing road user behaviour, the licensing of drivers, and technical aspects of land transport, and to recognise reciprocal obligations of persons involved; and

  • (c) To consolidate and amend various enactments relating to road safety and land transport; and

  • (d) To enable New Zealand to implement international agreements relating to road safety and land transport

BE IT ENACTED by the Parliament of New Zealand as follows: