Nuclear-Test-Ban Act 1999

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  • latest version but not yet in force
6 Prohibitions and offences also apply in certain cases outside New Zealand


Section 5 applies to acts done or omitted to be done outside New Zealand—


by a New Zealand citizen; or


by any other person on board a New Zealand ship or New Zealand aircraft.


If an offence against section 5(2) is alleged to have occurred anywhere outside New Zealand,—


a charging document may be filed only with the consent of the Attorney-General and on his or her certificate that it is expedient that the charging document be filed:


before the Attorney-General’s consent has been obtained, a person may be arrested, or a warrant for a person’s arrest may be issued and executed, and the person may be remanded in custody or on bail, but no further or other proceedings are to be taken until that consent has been obtained.

Compare: 1996 No 37 s 5

Section 6(2)(a): replaced, on 1 July 2013, by section 413 of the Criminal Procedure Act 2011 (2011 No 81).