Judicature Amendment Act 1999

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Judicature Amendment Act 1999

Public Act1999 No 36
Date of assent7 May 1999

An Act to amend the Judicature Act 1908

BE IT ENACTED by the Parliament of New Zealand as follows:

1 Short Title and commencement
  • (1) This Act may be cited as the Judicature Amendment Act 1999, and is part of the Judicature Act 1908 (the principal Act).

    (2) This Act comes into force on the day after the date on which it receives the Royal assent.

2 Master may exercise certain powers of Court
  • Section 26I(2) of the principal Act is amended—

    • (a) By inserting in paragraph (c), after the expression 267,, the expression 311A, 311B,:

    • (b) By inserting in paragraph (d), after the expression 265,, the expression 268 to 270,:

    • (c) By adding to paragraph (d) the words , as continued in force by section 3 of the Companies Act Repeal Act 1993::

    • (d) By inserting in paragraph (e), after the expression 291,, the expression 294 to 296, 299,.