17 Effect of repeal generally
  • (1) The repeal of an enactment does not affect—

    • (a) the validity, invalidity, effect, or consequences of anything done or suffered:

    • (b) an existing right, interest, title, immunity, or duty:

    • (c) an existing status or capacity:

    • (d) an amendment made by the enactment to another enactment:

    • (e) the previous operation of the enactment or anything done or suffered under it.

    (2) The repeal of an enactment does not revive—

    • (a) an enactment that has been repealed or a rule of law that has been abolished:

    • (b) any other thing that is not in force or existing at the time the repeal takes effect.

    Compare: 1924 No 11 s 20(a), (e), (f)