Animal Products Act 1999

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135 Failure to comply with Act, etc


A person commits an offence who, without reasonable excuse, fails to comply with—


any provision of this Act; or


any provision of the regulations the failure to comply with which is identified in the regulations as an offence; or


any direction, condition, notice, or requirement lawfully given, made, or imposed by or under this Act.


In proceedings for an offence against this section it is not necessary for the prosecution to show that the defendant intended to commit the offence.


A person who commits an offence against this section for which no other penalty is specified is liable on conviction—


in the case of a body corporate, to a fine not exceeding $100,000:


in the case of an individual, to a fine not exceeding $20,000.

Section 135(1)(b): replaced, on 2 March 2018, by section 152 of the Food Safety Law Reform Act 2018 (2018 No 3).

Section 135(3): amended, on 1 July 2013, by section 413 of the Criminal Procedure Act 2011 (2011 No 81).