Labour Inspectors

223 Labour Inspectors


The chief executive may designate as Labour Inspectors such employees of the department as the chief executive from time to time considers necessary for the purposes of—


this Act; and



Every Labour Inspector is to have a warrant of designation signed by the chief executive and must produce it for inspection if requested to do so in the course of the Labour Inspector’s duties.

Compare: 1991 No 22 s 143

Section 223(1)(ab): inserted, on 1 July 2017, by section 20(4) of the Care and Support Workers (Pay Equity) Settlement Act 2017 (2017 No 24).

Section 223(1)(ab): amended, on 7 August 2020, by section 23(2)(c) of the Support Workers (Pay Equity) Settlements Amendment Act 2020 (2020 No 50).

Section 223(1)(c): substituted, on 1 April 2004, by section 91(2) of the Holidays Act 2003 (2003 No 129).

Section 223(1)(ca): inserted, on 25 February 2016, by section 31(4) of the Home and Community Support (Payment for Travel Between Clients) Settlement Act 2016 (2016 No 2).

Section 223(1)(da): inserted, on 1 July 2002, by section 6 of the Parental Leave and Employment Protection (Paid Parental Leave) Amendment Act 2002 (2002 No 7).