142N Terms of banning order


If the court makes a banning order, the order must prohibit the person from doing 1 or more of the following:


entering into an employment agreement as an employer:


being an officer of an employer:


being involved in the hiring or employment of employees.


A person who is subject to a banning order may do something prohibited by the order if the person first obtains the leave of the court to do so.


In this section, officer means—


a person occupying the position of a director of a company if the employer is a company:


a partner if the employer is a partnership:


a general partner if the employer is a limited partnership:


a person occupying a position comparable with that of a director of a company if the employer is not a company, partnership, or limited partnership:


any other person occupying a position in the employer if the person is in a position to exercise significant influence over the management or administration of the employer.

Section 142N: inserted, on 1 April 2016, by section 19 of the Employment Relations Amendment Act 2016 (2016 No 9).