4 Principles


The principles that this Act is designed to implement are the following:


representative and substantial electoral participation in local elections and polls:


fair and effective representation for individuals and communities:


all qualified persons have a reasonable and equal opportunity to—


cast an informed vote:


nominate 1 or more candidates:


accept nomination as a candidate:


public confidence in, and public understanding of, local electoral processes through—


the provision of a regular election cycle:


the provision of elections that are managed independently from the elected body:


protection of the freedom of choice of voters and the secrecy of the vote:


the provision of transparent electoral systems and voting methods and the adoption of procedures that produce certainty in electoral outcomes:


the provision of impartial mechanisms for resolving disputed elections and polls.


Local authorities, electoral officers, and other electoral officials must, in making decisions under this Act or any other enactment, take into account those principles specified in subsection (1) that are applicable (if any), so far as is practicable in the circumstances.


This section does not override any other provision in this Act or any other enactment.

Section 4(1)(aa): inserted, on 21 March 2019, by section 9 of the Local Government Regulatory Systems Amendment Act 2019 (2019 No 6).