19W Factors in determination of matters in relation to community boards

In determining the matters specified in paragraphs (a) to (i) of section 19J(2), the territorial authority and, where appropriate, the Commission must ensure—


that, in the case of the matters specified in paragraphs (a) to (g) of section 19J(2), it has regard to such of the criteria as apply to local government reorganisation under the Local Government Act 1974 or the Local Government Act 2002 as the territorial authority or the Commission considers appropriate in the circumstances; and


that the election of members of the community board, in one of the ways specified in subparagraphs (i) to (iii) of section 19J(2)(h), will provide effective representation of communities of interest within the community and fair representation of electors; and


that the boundaries of every community, and of every subdivision of a community, coincide with the boundaries of the current statistical meshblock areas determined by Statistics New Zealand and used for parliamentary electoral purposes.

Compare: 1974 No 66 ss 101ZH(2), 101ZL

Section 19W: inserted, on 25 December 2002, by section 6 of the Local Electoral Amendment Act 2002 (2002 No 85).

Section 19W(a): amended, on 5 December 2012, by section 43 of the Local Government Act 2002 Amendment Act 2012 (2012 No 93).