Accident Compensation Act 2001

263 Prevention of personal injury


A primary function of the Corporation is to promote measures to reduce the incidence and severity of personal injury, including measures that—


create supportive environments that reduce the incidence and severity of personal injury; and


strengthen community action to prevent personal injury; and


encourage the development of personal skills that prevent personal injury.


Without limiting subsection (1), such measures may include research, the provision of information or advice, the publication and dissemination of literature and information, campaigns, exhibitions, courses, and the promotion of safety management practices.


The Corporation must undertake or fund such measures only if—


satisfied that such measures are likely to result in a cost-effective reduction in actual or projected levy rates set under Part 6 or expenditure from the Non-Earners’ Account under that Part; or


Parliament has appropriated money for such measures and they are included in the current service agreement under section 271; or


money is available for such measures from any other source (such as a joint venture or sponsorship); or


any combination of any of paragraphs (a) to (c) applies.


The Corporation may, in its discretion, conduct, participate in, commission, or subsidise research into the reduction of the incidence and severity of accidents and other causes of personal injury that is directed at reducing the cost of compensation and rehabilitation provided under this Act.


The Corporation must ensure that any measures undertaken or funded in accordance with this section—


are co-ordinated with similar activities of other government agencies to contribute to the overall injury prevention objectives in an efficient and effective way; and


to the extent that the measures will be funded from the Work Account, take account of the Health and Safety at Work Strategy published under section 195 of the Health and Safety at Work Act 2015.

Compare: 1998 No 114 s 332

Section 263(5): replaced, on 4 April 2016, by section 12 of the Accident Compensation Amendment Act 2015 (2015 No 71).