Accident Compensation Act 2001

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Information collection

279 Purposes for which Corporation to collect information


The Corporation may collect information for the following purposes:


to enable a comprehensive claims database to be maintained:


to facilitate the monitoring of the operation of this Act:


to monitor and evaluate the nature, incidence, severity, and consequences of injuries:


injury prevention:


the provision of appropriate rehabilitation and treatment:


the provision of appropriate compensation:


policy development under this Act:


determining the cost to society of personal injury:


levy setting:


scheme management.


The Corporation must collect—


such information as is prescribed for the purposes set out in subsection (1)(a) to (i) by regulations made under this Act:


information for such of the purposes set out in section 287 that are prescribed by regulations made under this Act.


Information prescribed for the purpose set out in subsection (1)(a) must include information about the circumstances of the personal injury, the nature and severity of the personal injury, and its consequences.