Local Government (Rating) Act 2002

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31 Notification of change of ownership of rating unit


If an owner of a rating unit sells or otherwise transfers the unit, or any part of the unit, the owner must notify the relevant local authority of the sale or transfer within 1 month after the effective date of the sale or transfer.


Notice under subsection (1) must include—


the full name and address of the purchaser or transferee; and


in the case of a sale, the sale price.


If a person becomes the owner of a rating unit by the operation of law (including the creation of a joint family home), the person must, within 1 month after the registration of the instrument under which the person became the owner, or one of the owners of the unit, notify the relevant local authority of the following matters:


that he or she is the owner of the rating unit:


his or her full name and address.


If a solicitor or other authorised agent acted on behalf of the owner under subsection (1) or the person registering the instrument under subsection (3), the solicitor or agent must give the notice concerned.

Compare: 1988 No 97 s 106(2)–(4)