Part 1 Preliminary provisions

3 Purpose

The purpose of this Act, which repeals and replaces the Civil Defence Act 1983, is to—


improve and promote the sustainable management of hazards (as that term is defined in this Act) in a way that contributes to the social, economic, cultural, and environmental well-being and safety of the public and also to the protection of property; and


encourage and enable communities to achieve acceptable levels of risk (as that term is defined in this Act), including, without limitation,—


identifying, assessing, and managing risks; and


consulting and communicating about risks; and


identifying and implementing cost-effective risk reduction; and


monitoring and reviewing the process; and


provide for planning and preparation for emergencies and for response and recovery in the event of an emergency; and


require local authorities to co-ordinate, through regional groups, planning, programmes, and activities related to civil defence emergency management across the areas of reduction, readiness, response, and recovery, and encourage co-operation and joint action within those regional groups; and


provide a basis for the integration of national and local civil defence emergency management planning and activity through the alignment of local planning with a national strategy and national plan; and


encourage the co-ordination of emergency management, planning, and activities related to civil defence emergency management across the wide range of agencies and organisations preventing or managing emergencies under this Act and the Acts listed in section 17(3).