Civil Defence Emergency Management Act 2002

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52 Procedure for making civil defence emergency management group plans


Before making a civil defence emergency management group plan, a Civil Defence Emergency Management Group must—


give public notice, and any specific notice that the Group considers appropriate, of the proposal to make a plan; and


specify in every notice given under paragraph (a) a period within which persons interested in the proposal may make submissions on the proposal to—


the Group; or


a subgroup or committee of the Group; and


ensure that any person who makes written submissions on the proposal within the period specified in the notice given under paragraph (a) is given a reasonable opportunity to be heard by the body to which the submissions are made; and


make all written submissions on the proposal available to the public unless there is some good reason in law why it should not do so; and


ensure that the final decision in relation to the proposal is made at a meeting of the Group.


The period specified under subsection (1)(b)—


must not be less than 1 month; and


unless the Group otherwise directs, must not be more than 3 months.