Terrorism Suppression Act 2002

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Reprint as at 27 May 2018

Coat of Arms of New Zealand

Terrorism Suppression Act 2002

Public Act
2002 No 34
Date of assent
17 October 2002
see section 2

Changes authorised by subpart 2 of Part 2 of the Legislation Act 2012 have been made in this official reprint.

Note 4 at the end of this reprint provides a list of the amendments incorporated.

This Act is administered by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade and the Ministry of Justice.


3Purpose of this Act
5Terrorist act defined
6Act binds the Crown
6ATerrorist act
7Terrorist bombing
8Financing of terrorism
9Prohibition on dealing with property of, or derived or generated from property of, designated terrorist entity
10Prohibition on making property, or financial or related services, available to designated terrorist entity
11Authorisations by Prime Minister
12Recruiting members of terrorist groups
13Participating in terrorist groups
13AHarbouring or concealing terrorists
13BOffences involving use and movement of unmarked plastic explosives
13COffences involving physical protection of nuclear material
13DImportation, acquisition, etc, of radioactive material
13EOffences involving radioactive material and radioactive devices
14Offences also apply in certain cases outside New Zealand
15Offences apply to acts outside New Zealand by New Zealand citizens or on New Zealand aircraft and ships
16Further acts outside New Zealand to which terrorist bombing applies
17Further acts outside New Zealand to which financing of terrorism applies
18Offences also apply to acts outside New Zealand if alleged offender is in New Zealand and is not extradited
19Application of Crimes Act 1961
20Interim designation as terrorist or associated entity
21Further provisions relating to interim designation
22Final designation as terrorist or associated entity
23Further provisions relating to final designation
24Entity or property need not be in New Zealand
25Carrying out and facilitating terrorist acts
26Content of notice to designated entity
27Content of notice to public and others
28Further notification of making of designation
29Designations not invalid for certain reasons
29AChanges of description of designated entities
30Information available to Prime Minister
31United Nations Security Council information [Repealed]
32Classified security information defined
33Judicial review of designations
34Revocation of designations
35Designations under section 22 to expire after 3 years unless renewed by Prime Minister
36Applications under section 35 and related proceedings [Repealed]
37Grounds for orders under section 35(2) [Repealed]
38Procedure in proceedings involving classified security information
39Procedure in other cases involving classified security information [Repealed]
40Ancillary general practices and procedures to protect classified security information
41Appeal against decision on application under section 35 [Repealed]
42Notification of revocation, expiry, or invalidity of designations
43Suspicions that property owned or controlled by designated terrorist entities to be reported
44Nature of suspicious property report
45Privileged communication defined
46Protection of persons
47Protection of identity of persons making reports
47ADetention of goods suspected to be terrorist property
47BReturn of cash necessary to satisfy essential human needs
47CFurther provisions about detention under section 47A
47DReturn of goods detained under section 47A
47EExtension of 7-day period in section 47D(1)(a)
47FCustody of certain goods detained under section 47A
47GOffences in relation to certain detained goods
48Direction that Official Assignee take control of property
49Notice of direction
50Variation, revocation, or expiry of direction
51Further provisions on management of property subject to section 9
52Third parties may apply for relief
53Limits on applications under section 52(3)
54Court may grant relief to third party
55Forfeiture of property by order of High Court
56Notice of application under section 55
57Further provisions relating to orders under section 55
58Appeal against decision on application under section 55
59Discharge of order under section 55 on appeal
60Attorney-General may apply for directions
61Double benefit not permitted
62Certificates as to States Parties under Conventions
63Application of sections 64 and 65
64Attorney-General to indicate to relevant States Parties whether New Zealand to exercise jurisdiction
65Attorney-General to notify relevant States Parties if person taken into custody
66Rights of certain persons taken into custody to communicate with consular representative, etc
67Attorney-General’s consent to prosecutions required
68Attorney-General to communicate outcome of prosecution
69Offences deemed to be included in extradition treaties
70Review of operation of certain provisions of this Act [Repealed]
71Criminal Proceeds (Recovery) Act 2009 not affected
72United Nations Act 1946 not affected
75Saving and transitional provision relating to specified entities [Repealed]
76Amendment to Extradition Act 1999
77Amendment to Financial Transactions Reporting Act 1996
78Amendment to Immigration Act 1987
79Schedule amended to refer to Bombings Convention
80Schedule amended to refer to Financing Convention
81Amendment to Proceeds of Crime Act 1991 [Repealed]
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