Terrorism Suppression Act 2002

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35 Designations under section 22 to expire after 3 years unless renewed by Prime Minister


A designation under section 22 expires 3 years after the date on which it takes effect, unless it is earlier—


revoked under section 34; or


renewed by an order under subsection (2) or (3).


The Prime Minister may order that a designation made under section 22 remain in force for a further 3 years after the making of the order if the Prime Minister is satisfied that there are still reasonable grounds as set out in section 22 for an entity to be designated under that section.


Before the expiry of an order under subsection (2), the Prime Minister may make another order renewing the designation concerned for a further 3 years.


After making an order under subsection (2) or (3), the Prime Minister must report to the Intelligence and Security Committee on the renewal of the designation.


The Prime Minister may make any number of orders under subsection (3) in respect of the same designation.

Section 35: substituted, on 20 November 2007, by section 20 of the Terrorism Suppression Amendment Act 2007 (2007 No 102).