15 Offences apply to acts outside New Zealand by New Zealand citizens or on New Zealand aircraft and ships

Proceedings may be brought in a New Zealand court for any offence against this Act (other than one against section 43 or section 47 or section 47G) if the acts alleged to constitute the offence occurred wholly outside New Zealand, but were done—


by a New Zealand citizen:


by a person who is ordinarily resident in New Zealand but is not a citizen of any State:


by any other person on board any aircraft—


registered or required to be registered in New Zealand under the Civil Aviation Act 1990; or


for the time being used as an aircraft of the New Zealand Defence Force:


by any other person on board any ship—


registered under the Ship Registration Act 1992; or


not registered under that Act but required or entitled to be registered under that Act; or


for the time being used as a ship of the New Zealand Defence Force.

Section 15: amended, on 12 December 2003, by section 9(2) of the Terrorism Suppression Amendment Act 2003 (2003 No 106).

Section 15(d)(ii): amended, on 5 October 2021, by section 18 of the Counter-Terrorism Legislation Act 2021 (2021 No 37).