Te Uri o Hau Claims Settlement Act 2002

Grant, operation, and termination of Nohoanga entitlements

77 Grant and renewal of Nohoanga entitlements


The Crown must, in accordance with this subpart, grant to Te Uri o Hau governance entity Nohoanga entitlements over the Nohoanga sites.


The grant of a Nohoanga entitlement must be—


in the form in Schedule 12 subject to variations referred to in section 78; and


for an initial term of 10 years beginning on the settlement date.


The land holding agent must notify the grant of a Nohoanga entitlement in the Gazette.


The chief executive must note in his or her records the grant of a Nohoanga entitlement and the notice in the Gazette relating to it.


A Nohoanga entitlement must be renewed for a further term of 10 years, unless the Nohoanga entitlement is terminated under section 90 or section 91.


Subsections (3) to (5) apply to—


the renewal of a Nohoanga entitlement as if it were the grant of the Nohoanga entitlement; and


the grant of a Nohoanga entitlement under sections 90(3) and 91(7).