119 Creation of computer register


This section applies to a commercial redress property to the extent that 1 or more allotments of the property are not included in a certificate of title or computer freehold register.


The Registrar-General must, on written application by a person authorised by the chief executive, comply with subsection (3).


The Registrar-General must, in accordance with the application, create 1 or more computer freehold registers in the name of the Crown subject to, and together with, any encumbrances that are registrable or notifiable and that are described in the written application.


If, immediately before the creation of a computer freehold register, the allotments of the property are held for different purposes, the register may be created without a statement of purpose.


The Crown may grant a covenant to arrange for the later creation of 1 or more computer freehold registers for a property that is to be transferred to Te Uri o Hau governance entity.


Despite the Land Transfer Act 1952,—


the Crown may request the Registrar-General to register a covenant referred to in subsection (5) under the Land Transfer Act 1952 by creating a computer interest register; and


the Registrar-General must register the covenant in accordance with paragraph (a).


In this section, allotment has the same meaning as in section 2(1) of the Resource Management Act 1991.