Subpart 3—Nohoanga entitlements

75 Interpretation

In this subpart, unless the context otherwise requires,—

entitlement land means a site over which a Nohoanga entitlement is granted

land holding agent means the Minister of the Crown responsible for the department of State that manages entitlement land or the Commissioner of Crown Lands, as the case may be

Nohoanga entitlement means a Nohoanga entitlement granted under this subpart

Nohoanga site means an area described in Schedule 11





a lake, being a body of fresh water surrounded or almost surrounded by land:


a river, being a continually or intermittently flowing body of fresh water:


a stream:


a modified water course:


coastal waters, including harbours; but


does not include an artificial water course such as an irrigation canal, a water supply race, a canal for supply of water for electricity power generation, or a farm drainage canal.