Climate Change Response Act 2002

If you need more information about this Act, please contact the administering agency: Ministry for the Environment
5M Matters Commission must consider

In performing its functions and duties and exercising its powers under this Act, the Commission must consider, where relevant,—


current available scientific knowledge; and


existing technology and anticipated technological developments, including the costs and benefits of early adoption of these in New Zealand; and


the likely economic effects; and


social, cultural, environmental, and ecological circumstances, including differences between sectors and regions; and


the distribution of benefits, costs, and risks between generations; and


the Crown-Māori relationship, te ao Māori (as defined in section 5H(2)), and specific effects on iwi and Māori; and


responses to climate change taken or planned by parties to the Paris Agreement or to the Convention.

Section 5M: inserted, on 14 November 2019, by section 8 of the Climate Change Response (Zero Carbon) Amendment Act 2019 (2019 No 61).