5P Obligation to maintain confidentiality


The Commission must keep confidential all information that is disclosed to it under section 99(2)(b)(iiib).


The Commission must not disclose the information, except—


with the consent of the person to whom the information relates or of the person to whom the information is confidential; or


to the extent that the information is already in the public domain; or


for the purposes of, or in connection with, reporting requirements of the Public Finance Act 1989; or


as provided under this Act or any other Act; or


in connection with any investigation or inquiry (whether or not preliminary to any proceedings) in respect of, or any proceedings for, an offence against this Act or any other Act.


A person who knowingly fails to comply with this section commits an offence under section 130.

Section 5P: inserted, on 14 November 2019, by section 8 of the Climate Change Response (Zero Carbon) Amendment Act 2019 (2019 No 61).