Construction Contracts Act 2002

  • not the latest version
37A Reply to response to adjudication claim


A claimant may serve on the adjudicator a written reply to the response under section 37(1).


The claimant’s written reply must be served within 5 working days after a copy of the response is served on the claimant under section 37(3).


The claimant must serve a copy of the reply and any accompanying documents on the respondent and every other party to the adjudication either before or immediately after they are served on the adjudicator.


An adjudicator who receives a claimant’s written reply under subsection (1) may—


refuse to consider any new material or issues raised in the reply:


allow the respondent up to 2 working days to serve a rejoinder to the claimant’s reply.

Section 37A: inserted, on 1 December 2015, by section 36 of the Construction Contracts Amendment Act 2015 (2015 No 92).