42 Powers of adjudicator


An adjudicator may—


conduct the adjudication in any manner that he or she thinks fit; and


request further written submissions from the parties to the adjudication, but must give the relevant parties an opportunity to comment on those submissions; and


request the parties to the adjudication to provide copies of any documents that he or she may reasonably require; and


set deadlines for further submissions and comments by the parties; and


appoint an expert adviser to report on specific issues (as long as the parties are notified before the appointment is made); and


call a conference of the parties; and


carry out an inspection of any construction work or any other thing to which the dispute relates (as long as the consent of the owner or occupier is obtained before entry to any land or premises is made and, if the owner or occupier is a party to the adjudication, that party’s consent must not be unreasonably withheld); and


request the parties to do any other thing during the course of an adjudication that he or she considers may reasonably be required to enable the effective and complete determination of the questions that have arisen in the adjudication; and


issue any other reasonable directions that relate to the conduct of the adjudication.


The parties to the adjudication must comply with any request or direction of the adjudicator made or given in accordance with this section.