Local Government Act 2002

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Protected transactions

117 Protected transactions
  • Every protected transaction entered into, or purportedly entered into, by or on behalf of a local authority is valid and enforceable despite—

    • (a) the local authority failing to comply with any provision of this Act in any respect; or

    • (b) the entry into, or performance of, the protected transaction being outside the capacity, rights, or powers of the local authority; or

    • (c) a person held out by the local authority as being a member, employee, agent, or attorney of the local authority—

      • (i) not having been validly appointed as such; or

      • (ii) not having the authority to exercise any power or to do anything either which the person is held out as having or which a person appointed to such a position would customarily have; or

    • (d) a document issued, or purporting to be issued, on behalf of the local authority by a person with actual or customary authority, or held out as having such authority, to issue the document not being valid or not being genuine.

    Compare: 1974 No 66 s 122ZG(2)